embaby Industries
embaby Industries

embaby Industries is the suppliers of metal roof and wall panels for residential, post frame, commercial, and pole barn buildings. Through a wide network of manufacturing facilities and distributorships, EM Roof is able to provide metal building solutions for all projects. EM Roof draws significant product development and distribution strength, providing desirable products that customers can count on for years to come.

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embaby Industries have started the production of electrodes is a rytile type medium coated, general-purpose electrode, suitable for welding of all positions including vertical down. It operates well both on AC and DC (+-). The Electrode gives smooth and stable arc, low spatter, less smoke, fine rippled bead, good arc striking and re-striking and easily detachable slag and weld metal is of Radiographic quality

EM tube

embaby Industries have started the production of conduit Pipe, Suction Hose & Garden Hose.